About CSSian

20-November 2018
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We get this question a lot: what exactly do you do?

It's a reasonable question, especially because there isn't a nice, short, sound-bite style answer. We focus on helping our clients successfully transition from one set of circumstances to another, and the details of that can vary significantly. Still, there are certainly common threads that are elaborated below. (Let us know if they fail to adequately answer the question.)

We Help Software Entrepreneurs

  • Get from idea to sold product
  • Go from mockup to runnable demo or proof-of-concept
  • Move past protoypes to paying customers
  • Turn signups into product references

We Develop Specific, Concrete Answers To

  • How should it look?
  • How should it work?
  • How should it feel?
  • What will it take?

We Specialize In

  • Web-based B2B software applications
  • Applications that integrate with enterprise systems
  • Applications that must reside behind the firewall

We Deliver

  • "Code ready" UI/UX designs
  • Application architectures
  • APIs
  • Front-end/back-end modules and systems
  • Tech docs/support assets and capabilities

We Favor

  • Serverless, pay-as-you-go implementations
  • API-first development
  • Javascript SPA clients
  • NodeJS microservice backends
  • ASAP (as simple and as soon as possible) work plans

And Most Importantly

We love to collaborate with you and your team, sharing our techniques and processes to provide you with a solid base for sustained growth. If you need ideas for how to build a team, we're pleased to provide specific input.

Reach out to discuss your project and hear more about our work, approach and references.